How it's done

Step 1
Project briefing
-Target audience, competitors, clients visual preferences, research and analysis, data collection

Step 2
Mood boards
- generating initial ideas, coming up with concepts, from sketches to the digital forms. We provide 3 different mood boards according to the brief, from which customer chooses 1

Step 3
- displaying 3 different logo concepts based on mood board, from which customer chooses 1

Step 4
- presenting the whole project and getting customer feedback, revisions, analysis

Step 5
Sign Off
- finalization, supply of digital assets


Brand Identity for Ministry of Economics & Sustainable development
full project

BEBU Wine Collection

Brand Identity / Concept  designed to represent
the history of wine consumption and the Georgian Heritage “Supra”,
by recreating the paintings of famous Georgian Artist Niko Pirosmani
full project


Brand Identity / Concept for Georgian Spice startup
full project


Brand Identity / Concept
Product design for the CAN WINE startup


Brand Identity / Concept for  Event Agency startup
full project


Brand Identity / Concept for  Trip Planner Startup
full project

Touch Digital Summit

Brand Identity / Concept
full project

Yoga Guru

Brand Identity / Concept for the yoga guru


Brand Identity / Concept of Venue Search platform
full project


Brand Identity / Concept for Storytelling Platform
full project
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