How it's done

Step 1
Project Brief
- customer goals, requirements, references of the desired final product and tech plan

Step 2
Project Map
- the website map for planing the project. overview & list of pages
Step 3
- a visual guide to represents the skeletal framework of a website. Arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose

Step 4
- finalized layout and flow of the required interface with customer, the next step is to work on final graphics.

Step 5


Online shop of Georgian Bestseller Products
Joint venture project with

BEBU Group

UI/UX Design of portfolio website for the largest
export company of Georgian products in the European Union

yoUr app

UI/UX Design & web page development for contacts directory app

Manana Japaridze

UI/UX Design & Web page development for Famous Pop singer in

Chai Khana

UI/UX Design & landing page development for storytelling Platform

Touch Digital Summit

UI/UX Design & web page development for Digital Conference

Amante Narikala

UI/UX Design for the Boutique hotel in old Tbilisi

Rays Factory

UI/UX Design for the Advertising startup agency


UI/UX Design for the Storytelling startup company

Ananas Events

UI/UX Design for the wedding and Events Agency


UI/UX Design for the startup Trip Planing Platform


UI/UX Design for the Venue Search startup platform
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