Step 1.
Project Brief
- customer goals, requirements, references of the desired final product and tech plan

Step 2.
Project Map
- the website map for planing the project. overview & list of pages
Step 3.
- a visual guide to represents the skeletal framework of a website. Arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose

Step 4.
- finalized layout and flow of the required interface with you, the next step is to work on final graphics.

Step 5. Development

Step6. Launch and maintenance


Online shop of Georgian Bestseller Products
Joint venture project with

BEBU Group

UI/UX Design of portfolio website for the largest
export company of Georgian products in the European Union

yoUr app

UI/UX Design & web page development for contacts directory app

Manana Japaridze

UI/UX Design & Web page development for Famous Pop singer in

Chai Khana

UI/UX Design & landing page development for storytelling Platform

Touch Digital Summit

UI/UX Design & web page development for Digital Conference

Amante Narikala

UI/UX Design for the Boutique hotel in old Tbilisi

Rays Factory

UI/UX Design for the Advertising startup agency


UI/UX Design for the Storytelling startup company

Ananas Events

UI/UX Design for the wedding and Events Agency


UI/UX Design for the startup Trip Planing Platform


UI/UX Design for the Venue Search startup platform
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