How it's done

Step 1
Analyzing Data, previous month. Collecting the Information: target audience, competitors, clients visual preferences, research and analysis

Step 2
We provide ready content for the whole month ahead, Visual + copyright. According to your feedback we start content distribution and ad monitoring

Step 3
Analyzing results, identifying strength and weakness of the campaign, recommendations, updating next month plan

banners for the georgian online catalog

Color Dry Bar by Natali

sales campaign photo shoot for Beauty salon

sales campaign for the online shop of Beauty Accessories

Photo Shoot for the sales campaign of development company
Apartments in the Premium district in Tbilisi, Georgia

Diamond Projects

sales campaign for construction company.
Apartments in the Premium district of Tbilisi, Georgia

Illustrations for the sales campaign in Digital Media

La Boheme

photo shoot for Contemporary Mediterranean Restaurant

Madloba Lounge

Photo shoot for Chain of Georgian restaurants in berlin

illustrations for the online shop of tech devices


Engagement posts to increase the brand awareness


market brand introduction campaign
comics of polish sport drinks

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